Marconite® is the world’s premium electrically conductive aggregate material. Used as a backfill to enhance the effects of earth electrodes, Marconite® enables electrical engineers to achieve permanent, stable and low resistance earthing solutions, even in difficult ground conditions.

Specifically developed and manufactured for the needs of the earthing industry, for over 40 years Marconite® has allowed electrical engineers to tackle the toughest conditions and achieve the satisfactory earthing of installations throughout the world.

Marconite® does not need water to conduct electricity and so does not suffer any effects from drying out.

Marconite® conducts electricity much in the same way as metals, through the movement of electrons. Traditional earthing materials such as Bentonite conduct electricity through the movement of charged ions. These ions require the presence of an effective electrolyte, such as water and the presence of salts. Unlike Marconite®, ionic based systems are subject to drying out and without water they do not conduct electricity.


Marconite® has a long and proven track record and has been used within critical earthing solutions to a variety of industries, including:

  • Lightning conductor earthing
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Oil and gas production and distribution facilities
  • Rail, underground and transport networks
  • Telecommunications, High Speed Broadband and Media
  • Utilities and Water treatment
  • Defence facilities and equipment
  • Anti-static environments

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